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❶A location A sound — Freesound.

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How much of the character is visual? Can you make sense of the story without the sound? Calculate the amount of time characters spend speaking and the amount of time they spend in action. Watch the sequence again with the sound back on. How much of the dialogue is pushing the story forward, and how much is revealing developing character?

How much story information is expressed through dialogue? Where do they come from? What do they want? How does the world they inhabit shape their character? Here are the things we look at when marking your screenplay: One of the things you need to learn is how to correctly format a screenplay.

Screenplay format by Freddie Gaffney Here is a summary of those formatting rules: TASK We are going to have a practice using these rules. Here is the scene from the film in real life. We will be creating moodboards full of images of: Lesson 3 Once you have got a more visual idea of your scene it is time to start developing it in more depth and detail, considering what will happen step by step and what the audience will SEE and how the scene will unfold.

Genre Using some of the ideas we have come up with so far — think about how you could flesh them out using genre conventions. Synopsis It is now important that we flesh out our ideas a little more in order to consider whether they have legs to be developed into a screenplay. A screenplay words for the opening of a feature-length film or a complete screenplay for a short film.

Here is a slideshow on ideas: Film Inspiration Take a copy of this document and choose the following: A location A sound — Freesound. Org An item of clothing A character. Just a reminder that the coursework deadlines are as follows: Presentations — as set for individuals starting 28th September Draft Presentation Script: This is because of the large number of words that you are supposed to write.

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I like how the white pure memories clash with the dark entrance to his house which is the setting for death and the beginnings of insanity. Straight away the audience know this scene is not happy and pure by the juxtapositions preceding it. This also builds tension and dramatic impact for when the realization does come. In my final scene I wanted to show performance. I used parallel editing because I felt it gave me the chance to show the performance of two characters as they journey through their emotions and then eventually come together on a split screen, therefore visually symbolising the end to their emotional journey.

I think this scene works well, showing both the transformation of detective Jones and the mercy shown by Mr S. This would hopefully give the audience a dilemma and make them question their opinions and stereotypical views based upon the opening scene. The performance here is key and the actors would need to be able to express themselves convincingly for the viewer to feel the gravity of the transformation that is taking place.

Jones in an exaggerated and violent, physical performance would contrast with the subtle, but markedly different, manner of Mr S. My intention was to produce and capture a short section of a film of around 3 minutes long, my film is a hybrid as it is to be categorised into both the horror and thriller genre as it contains conventions of both.

I hoped to capture a film that will frighten and panic the audience by choosing a realistic setting, characters and storyline.

My target audience is teenagers ranging from 12 years onwards. I chose my film to be certified a 12A as the film would be to upsetting for children under this age as some violent themes are explored and also if it was certified higher such as a 15, then this would rule out too much audience and effect box office income. I used all handheld, Point of View POV shots throughout my film, this made the film personal to the killer as it was all from his perspective, I believe this had a successful effect on my film as if categorised I would place it in Psychological horror and by my killer videoing his victims this shows extreme irregular behaviour present in films of this category.


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Paper on critical thinking in education research.. as film studies coursework help. September 11, ; Uncategorized; Marlas latest vegan street essay: (almost) eight examples of how todays vegans are spoiled rotten @veganstreetcom. making an analogy essay. how to write a research paper on a book quiz. Films Studies Coursework 2, views. Share; Like; Download quintus. Follow Published on Jun 23 GCSE Film Studies: Film exploration examples Belinda Raji. GCSE Film Studies: Production Belinda Raji. GCSE Film Studies: Pre production examples Belinda Raji. Analysis of the green mile 1.